What Parents Say about our pre-nursery, enrichment and kindergarten programmes...

“Thanks to GUG, Russell is doing very well in Primary One and his academic performances in English and Math have been very good. His self-confidence, largely developed in GUG, has helped him to face the challenges in the early stage of P1. GUG has helped to develop in Russell an early love for reading, which has led to his interests in studying, and makes him well-informed of his environment. But more than the academic aspect, GUG has instilled in our children good character, self-confidence, respect and compassion for others. Parents have nothing to worry for their children -- after GUG, they are more than ready for Primary School." - Rosalyn, mother of Russell Robleado (K2 graduate)  
"We started Dean with GUG weekend classes when he was 16 months old. At that time, Dean was a very shy and reserved boy. After a few lessons, we decided to increase his attendance to 3 times per week. We liked the way the classes were conducted. The lessons were focused on learning through fun, which were effectively delivered by your dedicated teachers. The school created a conducive environment for our son to open up quickly.
Dean has improved by leaps and bounds in his social skills ever since he started lessons. We are happy, impressed and eternally grateful. Academically, Dean mastered alphabets through Zoo-phonics, speech and other skills within a very short time (less than 2 months). The lessons have stimulated his learning abilities beyond our expectations. Lastly, we would like to commend Dean's wonderful teachers for their professionalism, love and caring nature." - Ben & Pam, parents of Dean Phuong Toh (Gifted Tots)  
“Kaelynn is mature, respectful, confident and compassionate. She has produced excellent work for P1 English, Math and Chinese. We feel that GUG’s curriculum and environment had a part to play in all this -- by not limiting the experiences of their students just because they are children! All those lessons on empathy in GUG have done her good. Most importantly, she is a happy child. GUG had been a really stimulating learning environment for her; A place where she loved learning – we think that is the most important thing that GUG has given her.
At GUG, children become intellectually creative and courageous, and emotionally compassionate. I have often seen my daughter's class at work and marvel each time at the atmosphere that GUG has provided and set in place. GUG has taught them lifeskills that will stay etched in their lives. Being an educator myself, I believe that GUG kids will be an asset in any teacher's classroom. As parents, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication to education and ALL the teachers who have taught Kaelynn, for her wonderful experience in GUG !" - Ee May, mother of Kaelynn Yap (K2 graduate, joined GUG since 12 mo)
"GUG has MORE than prepared Ryan for the Primary 1 curriculum! Ryan's P1 teacher always had to customize his work as he was way ahead of his class, especially in English and Math. I also feel that GUG has excellent science lessons which Ryan was very interested in and often remembered what he learnt. I like that children are taught to be compassionate -- to share, care, be gentle, feel for others etc. However, having said that, GUG's academic curriculum is far superior to any. If you ask me, Primary 1 is a regression, not a progression, after kids have gone through GUG." - Dr Patricia Chew, mother of Ryan Chew (K2 graduate, joined GUG since 16 mo)
"My son Ryan has been with your school since he was 13 months old and he has made so much progress under your excellent educational system. I would like to express my gratitude to all your front office staff, especially Anne, for being so helpful and exceptional in their customer service; and also to Ryan's teachers for taking such great care of him. Ryan looks forward to each class at GUG and really loves going to school every week. As for my daughter Sarah, her teachers provide an excellent nurturing environment for her and all the children in her class that is sincere and true. Your excellent team of teachers have provided such a friendly and caring environment for both my children that I am sure to regret leaving you if not for our relocation. Thank you very much again for your superb educational system. I will definitely recommend your school to other people in future." - Ivy Lai, mother of Ryan (Gifted Tots) & Sarah Chia (Gifted Babes)
"Husband and I evaluated several programmes available in the market, and GUG is our pre-school of choice. I would like to share with you the key reasons why we made the decision to pull Ethan out of his current school and emplace him at GUG. Ethan cannot stop talking about your fine teachers, school, his projects, his "Show & Tell"... Your teachers are indeed deeply engaged and listening to each and every child. They have displayed the desired approach in managing a child's behaviour and shaping character: Assertive and consistent in manner, positive in reinforcement and discipline, and kindly in words and deed.
The GUG curriculum sustains a child's interest and while developmental in approach, places no boundaries to the learning abilities of a child. Based on my experiences as an ex-teacher and observations gathered from visits to several other pre-schools, I believe that GUG's pre-school environment, culture and curriculum would be able to nurture in kids a positive attitude for learning and experimenting, a kind and respectful disposition towards people around them, and a lively and hopeful spirit. We embrace the GUG spirit of kindness and culture of learning, and have faith that Ethan would be developed holistically in your fine school." - Eileen & Jerry, parents of Ethan Yeo (Bilingual PlayClub & Nursery 2)
"GUG has certainly given Tammy a solid foundation in her reading and writing skills. I am proud to say that with GUG, I did not have to spend extra money sending her around to other enrichment classes to prepare her academically!  GUG has given her a well rounded education that has enabled her to breeze through Primary 1." - Irene, mother of Tammy Wong (K2 graduate)

"Sammi is now 5 years old. She is an active, happy and loving child who likes music, singing and dancing, and knows how to read very well. GUG has been an important part of her development. She has been with GUG since she was 18 months old -- Samantha has indeed come a long way with GUG! We are very happy with your programme and teachers, and we have placed our 2nd daughter Gabbi into your school as well. Thank you for all the happy smiles you have brought to our children." - Teresa Lopez, mother ofSamantha (Parent & Tot) & Gabrielle (Parent & Babe)  
“Academically Juliana achieved excellent results for her Primary 1 English and Math. Thank you so much for giving Juliana a very good foundation, without this she wouldn't be what she is right now - smart, independent and caring. I can assure other Parents that after GUG their children will be more than ready to take on the primary years!" - Maria, mother of Juliana Ambrioso (K2 graduate)  
"GUG is never a main stream preschool and kindergarten. We have always acknowledged GUG to be the premuim of all Kindergartens with its unique and dedicated program. The breadtha nd depth of subjects and topics taught are distinctly different from other schools, and have left deep and lasting impressions on my children. Ian was in GUG since he was less than 2 years old. He has grown within the GUG program to become an extremely confident, fun-loving and inquisitive individual. he went into Primary 1 with more knowledge (if I dare say) than other kids I've met! The most important thing that Ian has learnt is that Learning is a fun process. We believe GUG has equipped Ian in his early years to have GREAT confidence and self-love so that he is able to go beyond the stress that the Singapore school systems bring." - Li Siew & Jeff Kwan, parents of Ian (K2 graduate, joined GUG since 14 mo) and Elizabeth (K1)
"Jules has learnt a lot since he started attending classes with GUG. We would like to thank the teachers, staff and management team for making our son's schooling journey such an enjoyable, adventurous and exciting experience!" - Rita & Nicolas Moulin, parents of Jules Moulin (Gifted Tots)  
“GUG curriculum helped prepare Maverick very well for Primary school. It has well covered every aspect of P1 life.  We enrolled Maverick at a young age of 16 months. Since then, he was widely exposed in his learning journeys to experience new ideas and activities. As such, Maverick displays excellent comprehension and retention of information."   - Ann, mother of Maverick & Melman Tan (K2 graduates, GUG students since 16 mo)
"I want to thank you so much for letting Mia join GUG for the summer vacation. It was the best experience and we had a wonderful time! I have learnt so much myself and have been going over the songs and phonics with Mia everyday... and she loves them! It was so much fun seeing Mia explore, paint, play and react to stories and other babies, and enjoy the many wonderful hands-on activities. We're now back in California and I wish they had early learning programs like yours here in the States.... thank you once again!" - Michelle Oldknow, mother of Mia Oldknow (11mo, Gifted Babes)
"Enzo has been attending classes at GUG since he was 18 months old. As he progressed with your programme over the years, he developed from being a clingy child lacking in confidence, to one who is independent and well-articulated. He can't wait to do his show-and-tell! And before, where he would resent the sight of a pencil, today he holds a pencil confidently to write. He looks forward to coming to school to learn. He is very sociable and very happy. Teachers in GUG are so friendly and caring, very professional and patient. GUG is like a big family to us! Learning is always meaningful and interesting. The children are encouraged to speak up, show their emotions. Now, Enzo's vocabulary has grown tremendously, and he is able to write simple stories and express himself confidently. The holiday programmes and field trips are so interesting and Enzo enjoys them very much. -- All thanks to GUG, every teacher and staff!" - Betty Toh, mother of Enzo & Gwen (K2 graduates, GUG student since 18 mo)
"I just want to take this opportunity to thank your school for the terrific education that my daughter had received during her half year there. In just 6 months, I saw a massive improvement in my daughter's social and communication skills. We used to be concerned that she was not communicating as well as her peers, but today, instead of worrying about why she isn't speaking, we are "battling" a different war of getting her to stay quiet! Not inly does she speak so well now, she sings and dances well too! And she's also better at holding a pen and using it on paper. What a difference!
"We have just moved to the United States and enrolled Sonya into Betton Hills Preparatory School, which is a reputed private school in Florida. GUG's curriculum has really prepared Sonya academically, socially and emotionally. Sonya had to take a placement test as she was only eligible for Kindergarten due to her age. However, the teachers were all impressed with her maturity in handling the test, and results showed that she exceeded Grade 1 standards! The standard at Bettons Hills is high and the curriculum is 1 year more advanced than the public schools -- Sonya fits right in given her foundation in GUG's high curriculum standards and approach! The school's current emphasis is reading and writing, which Sonya is enjoying so much more because of her literacy foundation and joy for learning acquired from GUG. We are also grateful for the exposure and love of the teachers at GUG. We believe that Growing Up Gifted has helped to make the difference since Sonya attended classes from the age of 14 months. Our heartfelt gratitude for your guidance, love and care for Sonya all these years. GUG is truly a wonderful school that has enriched Sonya in knowledge and confidence!" - Michele & Francis Tan, parents of Sonya (K2 Graduate)                                               
"Benjamin joined GUG 2.5 years ago and he is now 4. He has benefited so much from the fantastic curriculum offered at your school. He picked up phonics and reading very quickly, and has grown into a very intelligent, confident and popular little boy. My daughter Kitty Kate has attended GUG since 10 months old and she is now 17 months. KK is also enjoying and benefiting greatly from all aspects of the curriculum offered. The science and craft activities are excellent and very creative, and the music component is also very strong. Coupled with Sign & Phonic Play, the teachers, and all the fun that the children have - Gifted Babes has proven to be a truly excellent program! We are constantly amazed by KK's progress. She is now able to say almost all of the phonetic sounds. She loves the teachers and her time in class, and is even able to sing along with the songs taught. She has developed a huge vocabulary and is very good at communicating with us. Choosing the GUG preschool has been one of the best things that I have done for my children in their early years. I am very impressed and feel lucky to be a part of it!" - Jenina Charles, mother of Benjamin (4yo, Nursery) and Katelyn Charles (17mo, Gifted Babes)

"A very warm thank you for embracing our daughter in your program. We were truly encouraged by how energized she was to join your classroom. Since the program, we are excited to witness Ophelia's language explode in conversation and song, as well as her increased recognition of letters and numbers. We owe this to the enthusiasm and reassurance of your teachers, as well as the program concepts that make Growing Up Gifted unique and meaningful in our child's growth!"- Scot & Desiree Lynch, parents of Ophelia Lynch (3yo, Gifted Kids)
"My son Jason has attended your school in the past. We have since moved to the United States. I've always loved your school, that's way I keep sending my two boys back to GUG every time we visit Singapore during the holidays. It seems like they have learnt a lot during the short period with GUG compared to a whole year of schooling in US public school!" - Esther Griller, mother of Jason (6yo) & Joseph Griller (3.5yo)
"For the record, I would like to add that you have a very good programme in place. My son really enjoys the lessons very much. I can see that he has learnt a lot from the lessons which I find to be very creative and enriching. He has been able to recite the phonetic sounds from A to Z since he was 16 months old and able to sing so many of the songs taught in class. I find that this has also hastened his linguistic abilities as he is already speaking very well for his age. I would also like to especially commend his teachers -- they are such dynamic and talented teachers!" - Joanna See, mother of Reuben Fong (18mo, Parent & Babe)

"Lauren was a very reserved and shy child before she attended GUG. Her first class at Parent & Babe saw the transition in her. We could see her developing social interaction skills and gradually building her confidence through music & movement. The school's method of teaching phonics is a wonderful way of introducing reading skills -- we were surprised when Lauren started to read simple words from billboard signs along the road! As she progressed to the next levels of Parent & Tot and then Gifted Kids, she took a keen sense in art & craft, applying the exploratory activities from school to home. Her creative imagination is a definitive out-of-the-box thinking. The Share & Tell segments each week help develop her confidence in communicating. Lauren has a brother who is 6 months old. He will definitely attend GUG. Special thanks to all the teachers who have made a great impression and contributed to Lauren's early learning years." - Sharon Tan, mother of Lauren Chong (3yo, Gifted Kids)

"Excellent curriculum and teachers. Ever since our daughter joined your centre a year ago, she has grown in self-confidence and her ability to read has improved tremendously. We owe it all to GUG. The teachers are very caring, kind and professional. Thank you so much!" - Rosaidah Ghazali, mother of Aquilah Khusni (4yo, Nursery)

"I would like to thank all the staff at GUG for making Damien such an extremely happy student. He has benefited tremendously from the love of all the teachers! It is so amazing that my child grasped the phonic sounds from A to Z within 7 weeks of quality time in your programme. Compliments to the Chinese teacher too! Our heartfelt thanks to all at GUG who have showered Damien with so much unconditional love -- we will without fail spread good words of GUG!!" - Mr & Mrs Ooi, parents of Damien Ooi (2yo, Gifted Tots)

"I want to thank you for the great experience and foundation my sons have built through GUG, especially Timothy, who is now 3 years old and has been attending classes from the age of 10 months. His younger brother Benjamin has attended only 2 terms so far, but they have been really valuable as he is already picking up the phonetic sounds and sings quite a few songs! A very special mention to the dedicated teachers who have made school really fun and exciting. " - Karina Lim, mother of Timothy (3yo, Nursery) & Benjamin Lim (2yo, Gifted Tots)

"It has been a wonderful experience for Danysh (and myself) to attend your programme. My special thanks to the teachers whose enthusiasm and exuberance have been very infectious. The weekly classes have benefitted Danysh tremendously and the changes in him are remarkable. He is now a more confident and sociable boy compared to before. Do keep up the good work and I will definitely continue to recommend GUG to all my friends and relatives." - Siti Majid, mother of Danysh Ismail (2.5yo, Parent & Tot)

"Tammy started with the Gifted Babes classes when she was 12 months old. She attended the programme twice a week and we noticed her tremendous progress all round. Before the age of 18 months, she already knew all her phonic sounds that were taught in class. And by 18 months, she could blend or read words. We are very happy with your programme and wish that Tammy had started earlier." - Amy Law, mother of Tammy Tan (2.5yo, Gifted Tots)

"I'd like to take a moment to pen down my deep appreciation for the great job done by your school. As I attend every lesson with Grace, I continue to be amazed by the creativity and fun learning. I know Grace enjoys her lessons (as much as I do). You and your teachers have certainly lived up to your passion and commitment in developing children's potential. For that your school will always be top on my list as I recommend GUG to my friends and colleagues." - Hazel Ong, mother of Grace Ong (2yo, Parent & Tot)

"Thank you for the wonderful lessons Issac has attended thus far. He has enjoyed the classes very much. Issac has a deep impression of the Zoo-Phonics... We are impressed with your method of teaching basic phonics, and are surprised by what Issac has actually picked up in just 2-3 lessons. This is a great learning centre and we would recommend GUG to our friends and relatives for early childhood learning." - Allina Tay, mother of Issac Tay (2.5yo, Kids' PlayClub & Science Play)

"As parents, we have seen Iman develop cognitively and socially during her stay in GUG. She has learnt al lot and is always looking forward to seeing her teachers and friends. She is always excited about the phonics puppet activities and really loves the music, art and crafts. Although she often seems not to be paying attention during phonics time, we realized that she has actually been observing and listening, as she is able to produce all the phonetic actions and sounds at home! I am delighted that Iman really loves her classes at GUG, and look forward to starting my baby girl at your school as well!" - Zana, mother of Iman (Gifted Tots)            

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